Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Marcelo Micó received his degree as a Physical Education Instructor. He is a professional dancer, a Certified Pilates International Professor and Representative for Latin America for All America Pilates Certification. He has more than 26 years of experience, with specializations in the field of health and movement.

Marcelo possesses the professionalism, experience and knowledge to offer unmatchable physical conditioning classes by using his own methods, developed through years of experience, a specific treatment for each client.

Marcelo has been the administrator of many gymnasiums and dance studios in Argentina and Mexico, and later devoted to meeting clients needs through the Pilates method, and has made it his sole activity

since 1994, after witnessing the effect it can have on peoples lives.

During these years he has assisted, in collaboration with specialized doctors, serious and mild lesions in children, adults, seniors, even in pregnant women, using movement for therapeutic purposes. Marcelo develops a specific method for each client, thus creating seven categories to specifically serve each segment.

  • Pilates Kids
  • Pilates Sport
  • Pilates Golf
  • Pilates Senior
  • Pilates Pregnacy
  • Pilates Teens
  • Pilates Restore

Marcelo Micó opened the first Pilates Studio in Mexico and ever since that date he is devoted even to training new instructors interested in learning the method, encouraging them to get certified and to preserve the legacy of the Pilates philosophy.

Marcelo Micó continues to facilitate workshops and certifications to professionals of health and movement in Mexico and Argentina. He also directs work with physical-motor skills in renowned colleges throughout Mexico. Also, sports professionals from around the world seek Marcelo for high performance training. Physical therapy and rehabilitation, as well as posture work, under the Restore category, which tends to lesions and motor deficiencies, are carried out at all Marcelo Mico Studios, since they all have the professional Pilates equipment and apparatuses to practice the method.

"Moverse para fluir" (move to flow) is the main focus of professor Mico’s philosophy in all categories, both for children and adults.

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