Pilates Pregnancy

Pre and post childbirth body care


This category is divided intro three gestation quarters, from perspective of the evolution of the pregnancy we work different objectives depending on which quarter the future mom is.

When this method begins it can be a continuation of the Pilates discipline and what we do is to accompany them in the development of their pregnancy, more comfortable, safer, healthier. Working together with their doctor, preparing her for childbirth with a higher probability of success, this category helps significantly to recuperate and tone the body (post natal) which helps mom recover physically while increasing self esteem.


  • Improves Arterial Circulation
  • Reestablishes correct function of internal organs
  • Boosts auto immune system
  • Lowers stress levels
  • Improves metabolic adjustment
  • Improves performance during labor
  • Quick recuperation and toning of the body (post natal)

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