Instructors at Marcelo Mico Pilates

We are all together for the same purpose, Your wellbeing!

Ruben Micó

Ruben Micó

Body Worker and former pro soccer player in the Argentinean league. I was initiated in the practice of the Pilates method by my brother Marcelo. I have over 10 years of experience in personalized Pilates and I am expert in Pilates Restore. I teach instructors at Marcelo Mico Pilates.

Luis Octavio  Fregoso

Luis Octavio Fregoso

I worked at SEAT and Frontier Airlines, and in my own property management company. I came in contact with the Pilates method through Marcelo Micó, and I became an instructor under his guidance and that of his brother; I continue to train with them.

Anna Cammarota

Anna Cammarota

Italian, a resident of Puerto Vallarta since 1997. I’m a Spa therapist, convinced that every human being has the power to heal himself. I have a passion for Pilates ever since I started practicing this method and I continue to constantly learn thanks to the continuing training II receive from Marcelo Mico Pilates.

Chely Partida

Chely Partida

Originally from Sonora, living in Puerto Vallarta for the last 20 years. I’m a fashion designer and was initiated in Pilates 10 years ago. I became an instructor under Marcelo Mico’s guidance.  I am a certified body worker and continue to train as instructor thanks to continuous education provided by Marcelo Micó. 

Dayhan Paulina  López Becerra

Dayhan Paulina López Becerra

She is a Pilates trainer with patience and drive to teach; a skillful conveyor of knowledge. Her vision is to grow as a trainer and to help more people to feel strong, healthy and happy about their body. Her education so far includes courses and workshops taught by Lucero López Avilés, Elena Bartley, Vanessa Ham, Carolina Sendic and Rebecca Ramos O’Reilly

Malinalli Magaña

Malinalli Magaña

Malinalli was born in the state of Queretaro, Mexico. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature from the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). She started teaching Pilates in 2008, coincidentally, the same year she met Marcelo Mico. From that moment she aspired to someday becoming a team member at Marcelo Mico Pilates, and to continue her own training as his student. 

Miguel  Brizuela

Miguel Brizuela

A sportsman for over 15 years and a visual artist, Miguel was born in Lagos de Moreno, Mexico, and in 2011 he decided to move to Puerto Vallarta.

He discovered the Pilates Method under Marcelo Mico’s guidance, and was later certified by him, with very good grades. The owner of a kind and amiable personality, he currently teaches at both studios, under the motto “Move to Flow”.

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